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Steven had a rough day at work. He working on a report and hard to work late to meet the deadline. It had been a long day, so he skipped his routine of going out for a drink with his colleagues and went straight home. He sat on the couch and took his laptop from his briefcase then placed it on his lap. He figured he should first check his emails before taking a shower. He began randomly checking his mails, scanning for important messages but found none. He was about to shut down his laptop when all of a sudden, he remembered this website that a co-worker told him about. It was one of those sites where you can talk anonymously with strangers and view their webcams. He typed in the url and started looking around, then found this photo of beautiful Latin girl with big breasts in a swimsuit. He clicked it and was redirected to a live chat session. Steven started talking to her and asking her random questions. The girl responded and they began talking more, before they both agreed to go on a private session. Steven didn't know what to expect, it was his first time to join a private chat session. The girl began asking about his fantasies and asked him if he wants to see her masturbate, then moved her cam closer, giving Steven a good view of her big boobs while she took out a dildo and started slobbering it. She began playing with her breasts and rubbing her toy against her panty clad pussy. That time, Steven was already hard and giving his throbbing cock a rubbing while she watched the girl fuck her pussy with a sex toy. Steven was on the brink of getting off when she heard the girl let out a load moan, which signals the huge gush of jizz that spurted out of his manhood.

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It must be Evan's lucky day. He was in a local bar and just about to call it a day, when this beautiful blonde girl walked up to him and started talking to him. He always comes on weekends place and he knows most of the regulars, but he's certain he's never seen this good-looking young lady with hooters before. They talked casually and had a couple of drinks until closing time. Evan wanted to offer home her a ride home, but it was still too early. They have agreed to go back to his apartment for a night cap. Evan had always had a way with girls and it didn't take long before he made his move, kissing the girl on the lips and working his hands under her shirt to admire those huge pair of fun bags. She began taking off her shirt and her bra, giving Evan a good view of her big breasts while giving him a hand job. Evan made her go down on him, pulling her hair while she strokes and struggles to push his dick to the back of her throat. This girl sure knows how work a cock with her mouth, Evan said to himself. She got busy slurping every inch of it, force it down her throat and used her cleavage to rub it until it exploded all over her next and big breasts.

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Matt went to the VIP with this beautiful brunette stripper in a school girl uniform. It's his first time and he didn't exactly know what to expect. He got so excited and couldn't resist staring at the girl's beautiful well rounded ass while he followed her up the stairs. When they got to the room, the girl made him sit on the couch and started unbuttoning the top button of her blouse, exposing more of her deep cleavage while giving Matt a lap dance. She started working her ass and grinding it into Matt's lap, then teased him by pulled his face closer to her breasts. Matt placed his arms around her curvy hips, nervously admiring her curves and work his way to her ass. The girl started kissing Matt's neck and pulled him closer to her and gently stroked him behind his ear. Matt got really turned on and felt the bulge between his legs grow, while the girl continued rubbing herself on it. He was having a great time, but it got better when the girl took off her top and reached inside Matt's pants. She started giving him a handjob while Matt admired her big breasts by cupping and nibbling her pink nipples. He started breathing heavily on her bosom then the strokes got faster which made Matt let loose and blow his load all over the leather couch.

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Finals week was finally over and after almost a week, Keith is finally getting laid. It was a Friday evening and Keith has cancelled all of his plans, his girlfriend Caroline is coming over in a couple of hours. All those days of not getting any sexual contact from his hot brunette girlfriend made him mad horny, but he's trying to keep it cool. It has only been a couple of days, but for him it felt like years. He tried to get busy tidying up his room and took a beer on the fridge, then he heard a knock. He opened the door and there was Caroline looking all cute in a sexy open back top and daisy dukes, suddenly grabbing and hugging him then they began kissing passionately. He took her straight to his bedroom and gently pushed him to bed. He started taking off his clothes and locked his eye on his girlfriend as she did the same. She pulled him closer and started rubbing his dick between her perky big tits before he slipped it inside his mouth. Keith grabbed her by the hair and helped her slowly guzzle down his meat, then made her spread her thighs wide but she tried to tease him by covering her herself. Impatiently, he buried his face between her legs and began eating her pussy then climbed on top of her and gave her a good thrusting with his raging shaft. He waited so long for this, he said to himself as he rocked back and fort while devouring her big breasts. She moaned hard as the thrusts went deeper and took every drop of juice all over her huge knockers.

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